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Sample Posts


  • Are you ready to be a part of Ithaca College Giving Day? Let's celebrate and support our IC students on April 26th! #ICGivingDay [share link:]
  • Whether it's making a gift or spreading the word, we can all show support on @IthacaCollege's Giving Day. Mark your calendars for April 26th. #ICGivingDay [share link:]
  • April 26th: I wouldn't be who I am without IC. That's why I'm giving back to support students on #ICGivingDay.  [share link:]
  • It's a great day to be a Bomber, especially on #ICGivingDay. Join me in supporting [insert school/program/fund] on @IthacaCollege's Giving Day: Tuesday, April 26th! [share link:]
  • At @IthacaCollege, I found my people and launched my career. I'm giving back on April 26th to help provide current and future students with the same opportunity. #ICGivingDay [share link:]

ON #ICGivingDay

  • I graduated in [class year], but I'll always be a Bomber. Today, I'm giving to Ithaca College Giving Day to support @IthacaCollege students. [share link:
  • I wouldn't be where I am today without my @IthacaCollege family and my IC education. Join me in giving back today! #ICGivingDay [share link:
  • We're in the homestretch of Ithaca College Giving Day. Help invest in IC students by giving to [school/program/fund] before midnight! #ICGivingDay [share link:
  • Time's running out! Let's show students that we have their back by giving to Ithaca College Giving Day. Join me in supporting #ICGivingDay. [share link: